Natchaphan Pisarnkorskul (M) | Bangkok (Thailand)

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I am now 24 years old and living in Bangkok, Thailand. I graduated from the Bangkok University in 2007. At present, I am working with Cutting Edge Ltd. in television commercial and filmmaker division. My position in the organization is Visual Effect Artist where I have been working for 2 years. I am interested in interactive design, music, diving and collecting some 70s space age stuff.

“Jolene” Chung Ling Mok (F) | Hong Kong (China)

Jolene C.L Mok is an artist and researcher taking photography, video and new media as her creative platform. She is particularly interested in action/participatory research/project, which highly emphasizes interaction and collaboration among participants (in all contexts) to develop mutual educative relationship to enable all, including her, to learn and grow. During her past few years, she has been exposed to many different aspects of educational events, working and experiencing together with different individuals as well as communities to achieve commonly agreed goals.

Tan Dat Nguyen (M) | Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


Tan Dat Nguyen has a big passion for 3D graphics, digital compositing and visual art. He studied Bachelor of Design Mutimedia Systems at RMIT International University Vietnam and has produced work in various media such as photography, print, video and interactive flash. In 2008, he exhibited for the first time in HCM City in a group photography exhibition, Scratch Disks are Full, a part of The Month of Images, organized by the French Consulate, Ho Chi Minh City. He has worked professionally with still images, interactivity, video, sound and animation, including: photography, video, web page construction and 3D animation in his projects. In 2006, Dat joined the HCM City artist’s initiative, a little blah blah (albb) as an intern and bilingual interpreter, and has worked closely with a variety of international visual and performing artists in interpreting for their talks or as project assistant.

Miha Horvat (M) | Maribor (Slovenia)


Miha Horvat, born in Maribor, Slovenia has a BA of cultural anthropology from Faculty of arts Ljubljana and MAF of new media from University for applied arts Vienna. Currently he’s doing his MAS from philosophy and theory of visual culture at IHS Koper. Since 2000 he is a member of artistic alliance son:DA.

Mihaela Kavdanska (F) | Bucharest (Bulgarian)

Mihaela Kavdanska aka mika is an artist whose training is embedded in the extensive range of artistic resources of the late 90’s. A Bulgarian artist, based in Bucharest since 1995, she graduates the BA in Fine Arts at the Painting Department of The Art University in Bucharest. She is extremely interested in renewing artistic language and mastering both traditional and new means. She appeals to various means – painting, photography, installation, video, graphic design, interactive installations and projects in order to express the same subject. Mika is also the founder of the AVmotional Festival (2004), one of the most articulated hypostases of contemporary urban culture.

PROJECT B | Siam district

pictures-of-boonsri.jpgBoonsri Tangtrongsin (F) | Bangkok (Thailand)

I was born in 1978, Thailand and graduated BFA from Bangkok university. After the education, I continued my art practices which mainly were sculpture and installation. Also, I spend 4 years working as an art instructor at several schools in Bangkok. In 2004, I went to study classical animation in Sweden for 1 year and continued my education for Master program in Fine Arts at Malmo Art Academy in South Sweden. In these several years, the projects that I had been working were mostly about finding possibilities of the story telling in animation.

Jazmi Izwan Jamal (M) | Selangor (Malaysia)


Jazmi is a Malaysian based new media artist, designer and sound artist producing both public and private work. He studied Creative Multimedia, majoring in Digital Media in Multimedia University, Malaysia. He is inspired by the new media artist movement when he studied about interactive installations, generative arts and sound art. His theories for success are “Creative, Experimental, Abstract, Simplicity, Aesthetic and FUN”. He inspired his artwork from designers and artist around the world especially Toshio Iwai, Joshua Davis, Camille Utter back and famous companies. He works as a freelancer creative designer and a sound artist. He is one of the Experimental Musicians and Artists Cooperative Malaysia (EMACM) members. He used computer technology and sonic wave to create his sound while perform. He is also one of the committee in local design community named “kakireka”. He loves to experiment sound art and technology during his free time.

Bat-Amgalan Lkhagvajav (M) | Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

Bat-Amgalan Lkagvajav obtained his Bachelor in Radio Communication Engineering at Mongolian Technical University of Science and Technology in 2004. Since then, he worked for Multimedia Company about 4 years and learned on his own about directing, camera work, editing and motion graphics, animations and visual effects. Currently, he is working at American NGO as a media consultant and start to direct his own film and video arts.

Adam Sharples (M) | Preston (United Kingdom)

A media artist from Preston UK, Adam Sharples has been a practicing artist for the last 2,5 years. He has produced a range of conceptual new media works using a variety of techniques (video/audio, installation/performance and ‘’). He occasionally engages in performance collaborations with arts collective ‘Season Lost’ and volunteers for work with Bluestreak Arts (community arts business). His art covers many themes including water, site specific installations, metaphysics, philosophy, creative intuition and reconciliation of his subjectivity with that of the observer.

Maria Guiomar Côrte-Real (F) | Ovar (Portugal)

I’m student of fine arts, in Fine Arts Academy Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto. I studied in the Fine Arts Academy in Prague last year, where I studied Conceptual Art. In my free time I work in a environmental Association actively concerned about the city environmental, social and cultural fields. I like practice dance, hang out with my friends, read, and travel. I like as well music, cinema, nature design and others.

Lisa Koiso | Kanagawa (Japan)

I was born 1982 in Kanagawa, Musashino Art University graduate students now. I’m working on installation(sculpture) that using woolen yarn and performance.Theme is my philosophy concerned “Life”. My works are became space that Mental scenery being feel(or see) on the theme. I publish stage form, my works are formed with crossing performance and place.


Wasan Riaoklang (M) | Bangkok (Thailand)

Wasan Riaoklang graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Art, majoring in fine art. Almost all of the styles of work which he has ever made are installation and video art. Those works were expressed in symbolic way and also had an inspiration from Buddhism and the development of technology in the belief is that “the improvement of civilization in fact we have to concern more about development in mind than object. All of humans cannot reach the top of human beings if they still adore materialism.”

Andreas Siagian (M) | Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Born in Bogor, 26 March 1981. I moved to Yogyakarta in 1995 studying Civil Engineering at Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. I had interests in programming since 1994 and organized many New Media Art Events and workshop since 2004. I have worked for sub-culture media regarding local scene and creative communities in 2005. I also helped building electronic music scene during the year 2005. Currently, I am actively involved in New Media Art projects and events since 2005 as well as giving workshops and presentations related to New Media Art at universities in Yogyakarta.


Branko Andric (M) | Vienna (Austria)


I was born in 1983 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 1991, I live in Vienna, Austria. After graduated in 2002, I started studying media informatics on the University of Technology. My special interest in media theory and art gave me motivation to start studying fine art at the academy of fine arts in Vienna, department art and digital media. Beside my study I participated in a several cross-culture workshops in the filed of film- and video production. My latest works are inspired by the theory of space film and media.

Jette Hye-Jin Mortensen (F) | Frederiksberg (Denmark)

Artist, Filmmaker, Musician and Activist. Born 1980 in Seoul, South Korea. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Co-founder and member of the artist group ”UFOlab” (Unidentified Foreign Object Laboratorium) with 5 Korean adopted artists from Denmark and Sweden, organizer of exhibitions, educational publications, TV and projects. Member of YNKB – activistic artist collective, co-organizer of festivals, alternative TV, exhibitions and talks. Owner of production company BamBoo Film.

Darragh O’ Callaghan (F) | Monaghan (Ireland)

Studied in IADT Dun Laoghaire beginning my studies in 3D then progressing onto lens based Media. Multiculturalism, immigration, and themes on home were all topics of research giving me the opportunity to interact with different people in society. Forming the Vid Kid art programme, and participating in the ARC cultural development centers allowed me to work directly with people of all societies and backgrounds.

Rareş Kövesdi (M) | Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Rareş Kövesdi studies at the Theater and Television Faculty of The Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania majoring in Cinematography, Photography and Media. His interests and activities successfully span over all the major fields of audio-visual production, from scriptwriting (author of numerous short and feature scripts and president of the Romanian Nisi Masa scriptwriting competition jury) to directing, editing, digital effects and even stop motion animation. But what probably sets him apart the most is his ability to coordinate all these aspects of knowledge and insight that he, and those who work with him poses, into one finite project. Whenever he needs to get inspired and refocus, or just for a “clean” image to build upon, Rareş turns back to photography.

PROJECT D | Khaosan Road

Preeyachanok Ketsuwan (F) | Bangkok (Thailand)

Preeyachanok will finish her first degree in March 2008 from Silpakorn University. Her major is Traditional Thai Art. She is the only student, in this major,who focuses on interdisclinary art. She expolores Thai feminine culture that has been handed down from one to another generation, from her mother to herself. This particular culture causes limitations in Preeyachanok’s belief and way of living. She uses various art media including photography, VDO, 3D objects, and performance. Apart from exploring feminine culture existing in Thai society, she is interested in working with local communities.

“Tengal” Earl John Philip M. Drilon (M) | Manila (Philippines)

Tengal is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound, music, video, film, performance, and computers, and is based in Manila, Philippines. He curates and organizes, as well as performs in various new media shows in the Philippines. He founded and organizes SABAW –a Manila-based artist initiative and non-profit platform for all kinds of information and communication carried via modern electronic media. SABAW also represents a cross-section of new media artists, performance/interdisciplinary artists, and contemporary musician-composers who find it difficult to release their material through more conventional channels.

Timo Toots (M) | Tallin (Estonia)


Computer science university dropout and found the output to his ideas through art. The school of informatics was using right tools, but in a wrong way. Photography was my first medium to start seeing thing in other lights, but it turned out that it is possible to alter people emotions with other tools than just pure picture. I have been working on interactive installations where the viewer transforms to artist and I transform to documentary maker. I think art belongs to public, so why shouldn’t the public be the artist as well.

Birte Endrejat (F) | Bremen (Germany)

I was born 1979 in Langen / Germany. Since 2004 I study Fine Arts at University of the Arts Bremen. There I’m working in the class of Professor Katharina Hinsberg and Professor Yuji Takeoka. In my work I’m focused on installation in combination with action or performance. Within my studies in Bremen I participated international projects in Japan “Bremen-Nagoya art project”, including two exhibitions, in Nagoya 2005 and Bremen 2006, in Switzerland “dazwischen projekt #1 and #2” 2007-2008 and a collaboration project between Lahore / Pakistan, Cambridge / USA and Bremen / Germany, 2007-today. I will continue my studies regarding the aspect of working in group contexts.

Maris Lagzdins (M) | Riga (Latvia)

After graduating high-school I moved to Riga, capital city of Latvia, to study at Art Academy of Latvia (currently I’m a last year student at Department of Visual Communications). Since then I have also been working as freelance artist/designer and photographer. I also have taken part in various art projects and workshops in Latvia and abroad.

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7 03 2008

PROJECT D – Khaosan Road

13 03 2008
Preeyachanok Ketsuwan

At first I have to apologize for late because I am sent Art Thesis to day.

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